A DUI can make someone anxious with the thoughts of possible jail time, heavy fines, and losing your license.  Not knowing the outcome can be highly stressful. Also, the charge has an emotional toll on your family.  If there are any aspects of your case that may increase your penalty (high BAC, an accident) or something that might decrease your penalties, such as technicalities during your arrest, you may benefit from a trusted law firm.



According to the state of California the legal limit for a driver is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08.  However there are many factors that should be considered.

The Trusted Law Firm takes steps to ensure strong mitigating evidence to present to the court and to the judge at the first court date following the arrest.  The court is more likely to reduce charges if a law firm is representing.  Some states reduce charges to a wet reckless, a lesser sentence than a DUI.  The most challenging part of a DUI arrest is the potential to lose driver’s license.  If convicted, your license will be suspended for at least six months and possibly more if convicted more than once.


At The Trusted Law Firm we are here to fight for you and your rights.  We bring hope to a difficult circumstance.

Serving Time

In some cases a first-time DUI can be a felony.  A DUI with a minor, very high BAC, causing injuries and other circumstances can lead a convicted individual to a year or more in prison, in addition to other penalties.

Driver’s License

A license is valid for 30 days following your arrest, but to attempt to save driving privileges, The Trusted Law Firm is needed immediately.

I can’t thank The Trusted Law Firm enough!  I was very stressed when I found myself in this difficult situation.  But these lawyers were there for me every step of the way.  They have real compassion for their clients and I’m thankful.


I was amazed at how compassionate this law firm is.  When I needed help they provided more than legal help, they provided a way for me to get back to my life as soon as possible.  They really are a law firm that you can rely on.


We are here to relieve the stress and confusion that can come from your DUI case so you can get back to what matters most to you in life and your family.

Planning on going to trial?  Trial procedures are more complex than bargaining procedures, do not attempt to go to trial without a vast knowledge of legal procedures. Let a trusted law firm handle it for you.